New Groove Performing Arts is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating and enriching the lives of youth in our community, by using their passion for dance and the arts as the “vehicle”.  We teach discipline, strong character and leadership skills; we help build confidence, an excellent work ethic, and we offer a sense of family security … which for many is one of the most important aspects of being in our program.

Since the #1 influence in our culture currently is the entertainment industry, kids are learning behaviors and beliefs about themselves that are detrimental to their personal lives. According to most sociologists, the decline of strong character, ethical behaviors, and value-driven lifestyles is at an all-time high. There is an absence of positive and wholesome voices in this industry. Groove Nation’s response to this challenge is based on extensive research, which concludes that children involved in the arts:

  • Consistently outscore those with low exposure to the arts.
  • Are 25% more likely to feel satisfied and confident with themselves
  • Are eight times more likely to win awards for academic achievement, over those students who are involved just in sports, academic activities, and community service programs
  • Are 31% more likely to continue education after high school.
  • Tend to have better coordination, mental concentration and memory.
  • Are better citizens (considerate, pro-social, and pro-civic).


  • To positively influence our dancers to achieve great work ethic, strong character and leadership skills, and a positive outlook on life while using their passion for dance and the arts.
  • To develop the next generation of professional dancers, teachers, and business leaders utilizing their passion and natural gifting.
  • To properly train dancers in the technique of all dance genres and the performing arts.
  • To positively influence communities through our artistic endeavors.

It takes time and money to make a difference in the life of a child, especially in today’s tough economic conditions. We can’t do this alone, nor would we want to…we need the help of our community to partner together with us. Please ask about ways you can help by donating or volunteering at some of our events.

You can also help us by becoming an official Sponsor at our events! Purchase a Sponsorship package, or donate an item of value for our raffles. We would be honored to have you or your company connected to Groove Nation!

As a 501C3 organization, your donation to New Groove Performing Arts is tax deductible., If you have any questions please contact us by phone at 360-699-7150 and ask for Rose.